01-10 GM 2500 midtravel kit

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The Chevy/gmc 2500 kit is finally here! Tubular upper arms paired with 7/8” Heims and 1” uniballs. Fully mig welded and gussets for extra strength! Fixed geometry for those that have the torsion lift. No more suspension bind or harsh ride. This kit also comes with the complete steering including the cnc machined clevis’s, 7/8” and 3/4” Heims. This midtravel kit comes with all new grade 8 hardware. Order your kit today! Have the confidence in your front suspension again!!


Max tire size: 35x12.5x17

Minimum lift: 2-3” torsion lift

Recommended shocks: King or Fox replacements

Required modifications: May have to drill upper knuckles and steering holes to 3/4” to accept grade 8 hardware. Alignment will be needed.